(gr) Παρουσίαση βιβλίου «10 +100» La ville d` Athènes & συζήτηση | Αθήνα

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(gr) “Δι – αναγνώσεις” | Επιτέλεση στην Αμέ, Βέλγιο

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Hommage a John Giorno | U.S.A – radio show

A homage was paid to the poet, performer and media artist John Giorno ( 1936 – 2019 )  , U.S.A – New York
in the radio show of André – Eric Letourneau
with  Michel ColletValentine Verhaeghe and Demosthenes Agrafiotis,
“tonight/ce soir @L’ air(e) du diable”,
18/10/2019, at 23:00 
 on Radio Montréal, FM 90.3.
John Giorno, Paris, 2009
Photo by Olivier Roller


(gr) Χίμαιρα και Φρονιμάδα | Άρθρο στο e-περιοδικό hartismag

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Book “10 +100” – La ville d’ Athenes | Tribute to da/da’s work

Publishing House HD – ateliers Henry Dougier (Paris)
are launching a new book collection with the title:

“10 +100 ”
Cities and modern creativity

Book “La ville d ‘Athenes”, Paris, 05/2019 (color version)
Author: Daphnee Breytenbach

Pages 86 – 93 of the book are a tribute to the work and life of da/da

Link to the book on the publisher’s website



Iolkos/ Thessaly: Variations | Photo-project in Otoliths

Photo-project “Iolkos/Thessaly: Varations” by da/da is published by e-magazine Otoliths

Article link in Otoliths

“Mailboxes. Amay” | Photo project

During his Residence in “Amay’s House of Poetry” , da/da has realised

the photo – project “Mailboxes. Amay”

24 photographs from mailboxes of buildings in Amay , Belgium

24 letters of the greek alphabet

Collection on Lensculture

Date :10 – 30/06/2019.


Residence : 10-30/2019

Hand(s) | Magazine Publication

The review “Synapsis” (in Greek, specialised in the fields of Life Sciences and Humanities)
has published a text and photos of da/da”, in the framework of its 3rd section on “hand(s)”:
[“Hand(s).(i+4 variations)]
“Synapsis”, no52 , 1-3/2019, pages  4-10.