“Mailboxes. Amay” | Photo project

During his Residence in “Amay’s House of Poetry” , da/da has realised

the photo – project “Mailboxes. Amay”

24 photographs from mailboxes of buildings in Amay , Belgium

24 letters of the greek alphabet

Collection on Lensculture

Date :10 – 30/06/2019.


Residence : 10-30/2019

Hand(s) | Magazine Publication

The review “Synapsis” (in Greek, specialised in the fields of Life Sciences and Humanities)
has published a text and photos of da/da”, in the framework of its 3rd section on “hand(s)”:
[“Hand(s).(i+4 variations)]
“Synapsis”, no52 , 1-3/2019, pages  4-10.



Residence in “Amay’s House of Poetry” | Liege, Belgium

da/da Residence in “Amay’s House of Poetry”
10 – 30/06/2019

“You are invited on 29/06/2019, Saturday at  18.00, for a nice moment of conviviality of Barbecue of the end of season with actions and of course with readings by poets,  with the presence of the Greek poet Demosthenes Agrafiotis, who is in residence in our House and will realise for the audience his unforgettable performances  in the spirit of dada .  

Director : David Giannoni  
50,Grand Route ,B-4540 Amay.”

Video link in French, that complements an article
“Demosthenes Agrafiotis, a continuous research on mixing the genres” da / da


“Α posteriori”, essay | Group publication on performance

On the occasion of the publication of the collective volume in french:
“Art perfomance, Manoeuvre, Coefficients de Visibilite”.
Les Presses du Reel, Dijon,2019.
with coordination by Michel Collet and Andre Eric Letourneau
it will also be launched in Paris.
da/da ‘s contribution is with the essay:
“A POSTERIORI. Origines performatives ? “. σελ. 135-147.
The book presentation will take place in
Librairie Flammarion of Centre Pompidou- Beaubourg,Παρίσι, 
21/06/2019   –   18.00-20.00.


“Care for the shadows” – Velloudios & Empeirikos | Article

The e-magazine hartis.gr , no5 – May 2019, published an article by da/ da

“Care for the shadows” ,

 for the friendship and cooperation between Thanos Murray – Velloudios and Andreas Empeirikos (more…)

“Cities and contemporary creation” | da/da’s book interview

Publication house HD- ateliers Henry Dougier (Paris) is launching a new book collection, titled:
“10 +100” Villes et creation contemporain. (Cities and contemporary creation)
Book “La ville d’ Athenes”  from writer/journalist Daphnee Breytenbach contains a tribute to the life and work of Demosthenes Agrafiotis. (pages 86-93). 
Paris , 05/2019. (in colors).


“Images and interpretations” – Books’ presentation & dialogue | Paris

On the occasion of the publication of Francois Soulages’ two books on “interpretation
and the two books of Demosthenes Agrafiotis (“Salvation of Venice / Sauver Venise” – bilingual)
         and Gilles Picarel on “images
a books’ presentation and dialogue will take place

Images and interpretations

On Monday 20/05/2019, at 19.00
in L’Harmattan 21, Rue des Ecoles, 75005, in Paris, France.

with Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Alain Mons, Gilles Picarel & Francois Soulages
and the public.

da/da and Gilles Picarel will participate with two essays in the collective book “Interpretation & Exteriorite“.



Presentation-debate by the participant speakers

Εxhibition “Poetry: eloquent painting. Hommage à Gounaro” | Athens, GR

Group show Poetry: eloquent painting. Hommage à Gounaro  
is taking place in Museum of Gounaropoulos, Zografou – Ilisia, Athens, Greece
between 10 April and 08 June , 2019

da/da will have the following contributions:

  1. In the permanent exhibition, with his work : “abcedary” 24 letters of Greek alphabet in Japanese Calligraphy 
    24 pieces of work in A4 size paper, with chinese ink 
  2. In the context of International Museum Day, on 18 May 2019,11:00 am, with a performance
    Titled: “LANGUAGE. Languages.”

Commissioner- curator: Manolis Karterakis