On Thanos Murray – Velloudios | Review “591”

In edition no4 of review “591” , an article is published by da/da

on Thanos Murray – Velloudios: The Forgotten dadaist.


About the edition ( in french)






Performance for “Ekistics” conference | Athens 14/12/2018

During the all-day conference: “Ekistics” , at the Architectural School of National Technical University of Athens, on 14th December 2018, da/da participated with his intervention:

“Avant – Garde, mis-recognition. Milestones from the adventure of Ekistics”, 

as well as with the following performance/demonstr@ction.

Video was created by Charlampos Louizidis , Architect, School of Architectue – N.T.U.A


Demonstra©tion in the International Encounter RiAP | Canada

In November 2018 da/da participated in the International Workshop  for the Evaluation of the Art of Performance  RiAP (Rencontre Internationale d’ Art de Performance)  in Quebec, Canada, with a Demonstra©tion and discourse for the presentation of the Greek scene on 10/11/2018

In the link below, da/da analyses (in greek) his assessment on the art of performance and its place in the global scene:

 α – Δυνατή αποτίμηση

Visual Poem and 5 photos contribution | review “ΒΕΒΕ”

Nadine Αgostini (NAD) and Francois Bladier (BLAD) publish the no2 of their review “BEBE“,
dedicated to performers and the art of performance.
BLAD & NAD publication  , Marseille, 2019
da/da has contributed with a visual poem as a possible definition of performance and 5 photos from his performance “Empedocles, water“.

Les noms propres | Otoliths magazine

The quarterly e-magazine OTOLITHS has published a selection of da/da visual poems, in it’s current edition

Les noms propres – link to the otholith




Visual poems publications | review “TESTE”

Publication of four visual poems from the artwork “DArt/DArt“, 
in the Review  “TESTE“, no 33, 2019 , Toulon, France

2019 wishes

Is arriving !
Peace  !!! 

Participation in “Ekistics” Conference | Athens 14/12/2018

Demosthenes Agrafiotis will participate in the all-day conference named “Ekistics. The heritage of Ekistics. Printings and perpectives“,
dedicated to the legacy of Constantine A. Doxiades, the unforgettable friend Panayis Psomopoulos, Giannis Papaioannou
and those who sealed the international dialogue on the education and the science of human settlements,
with his submission “Avant – Garde, mis-recognition. Landmarks from the adventure of Ekistics”
as well as with a performance / demonstr@ction
Friday 14 December,
12:00 – 21:00
School of Architecture of NTUA – Stournari & 42
Averof Building / “Kaftantzoglou” Hall
Conference will be a part of a larger exhibition, that will last from 14 – 21/12/2018, in the same venue.