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Driven by the beauty and energy that the Monastery of Kaisariani in Athens inspires, Dimosthenis Agrafiotis has created a photo-project,

  a collection of personal photos

    paintings by artists Constantinos Parthenis, Constantinos Maleas

      texts from writers  Philippe Lacoue -Labarthe /Claire Nancy, Jacques Derrida, Michel Serres, Michel Deguy /Martine Bauer

        A narrative , an essay  on Philosophy and friendship.


Through this project, Martin Heidegger’s admiration for the Monastery area is highlighted , as he honoured it in his book “Sejour/Aufenthalt”.


[gr] Thanos Murray -Velloudios, 166th dadaist | The Box Athens

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[gr] Happy Norway and exploration of the sublime | Article

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[selfimages| News from Thessaloniki


dA participation in the exhibition – PDF

News from Quimperlé | Sémaphore Festival


News from the Festival’s website

Four Elements of Empedocles

Four Elements of Empedocles  are 4 video – poems of Demosthene Agrafiotis.



Zerelia, Euxinoupolis – Thessaly, Greece,  Summer 2017

Residency at the House of Poetry – Semaphore festival | Brittany , FR


26/02- 08/03/2018 ,  Demosthenes Agrafiotis, will be at Quimperle , Brittany in France, 

for an Art Residency at the Maison de la Poésie .


 02-07/03/2018, he will  participate  in  Semaphore Festival for Poetic Speech

contributing  in 3 events and 1 open discussion.

See festival’s program in French

[selfimages]: Self-portraits


 [selfimages]: Self-portaits

group show at Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Demosthenes Agrafiotis  participation

moi phantomatique”// «εαυτός φαντασματικός»//”me phantomatic”


This work belongs to a series of photographic projects such as «moi,me εγώ-εμένα”, «εικόνα εαυτού», «εγώ-εμένα-εαυτόν», «βιο-φωτο-(α)γραφίες»,”bio-phauto-(a)graphies” ,  ”phauto-bio-a-graphies “, that date back to 1970’s.  


Moi   moimoimoi       mememe  me    εγωεγωεγωεγωεγω

Μοimoimoimoi          me meme                 εγωεγωεγω

Moi   moi                     mememe           εγωεγωεγω

Moi                               me                      εγωεγω

moi                               me                                        


{ Polaroid photographs recomposed and photographed.*[2012-2017].}

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