Visual poem-photopoem

“δ”,Revue Internationale pour la poésie  nouvelle
no 66, 05/2023,p.20, Chiba-ken, Japan.

6th International Biennial of Visual Poetry

Ille sur Tet, 20-30/06/2023
Collective exhibition
The exhibition catalog is number 11 of the magazine “nuire“, Edicions Paraules, Ille sur Tet, FR.
Contribution with three visual poems: “illegible poems” Tribute to Mihail Mitras (2022).

Family: icons, tribulations/ Famille:icônes, tribulations

Revue, TESTE, no 50,2023-Toulon, France
contribution with text & photos, collage/visual poem.
Presentation of the magazine and its content, in Lyon and Toulon, 06/2023 – with a sound document that accompanies my collage.

A slender tribute to Jean-François Lyotard/Hommage svelte  à Jean-François Lyotard

A slender tribute to Jean-François Lyotard/Hommage svelte  à Jean-François Lyotard
contribution to “ACCOLADE”, by Antoine Simon et amiamies, LOCATIONSLANGUAGELINKS/ LIEUXLIENSLANGUES , L’Arbre à paroles, Brussels, BE,2023, pp.91-97,
poem in Greek and French and 3 photos.


1. Professor Inês Oseki-Dépré talks with Demosthenes Agrafiotis about concrete poetry. On the occasion of the publication of his book “N,AO” in Portuguese/Brazilian.

(in Greek)

[see also]

Translated from French to Greek by Dr. Katerina Goula

2.Co-drifts with Nico
Text-essay on Nico (Vassilakis) (USA) and his visual and digital poems.


(in Greek)
3. Performative poetry. Rediscovery or re-emergence ?

Formulations-claims for performative poetry.


[You can watch the full discussion in the video below

    (start of my presentation: 05:39:00).](in Greek)

4. Friction as an interdisciplinary matrix

Essay & photos, Hartis, digital magazine, n° 53, 05/2023

(in Geek)
5. Before and after screen
(The calm Michel Dimopoulos)
Essay & photos, Hartis, digital magazine, n° 54, 06/2023

6. Stranger
Text & photo, Hartis, digital magazine, n° 55,07/2023
(short stories)(in Greek).

7. Publications in the journal “synapsis”
No. 68.1-3/2023, volume 19.(in Greek)

7.1 Distances, clocks (text)

7.2 For Europe. T(r)opological pre-economies (essay)
7.3 Giorgos Armenis, Commentary on the text of Démos Tenias: Civilizational Determinations and Cultural Purifications (synapsis, n° 66, p. 66-69).



[Live Voices: Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Sète (July 21-29, 2022)]
Music: Hans-Pascal Blanchard
Audiovisual anthology of living poets (Words and poems).


1.Text and photographs
dada-scapes, Hilton (photos)

The Cathars, the Surrealists, and a village “in the sky”
(text & photos)
OTOLITHS/no 69/01 May 2023
(photo, photo-poem)
Revue,FRno 31,  2023
see .pdf

The ( 40th) Poetry Market/Le Marché de la Poésie

“The ( 40th)  Poetry Market/Le Marché de la Poésie “
07>>>11/06/2023 Place of St Sulpice,

 Paris-6th, Mo St Sulpice and Mo Mabillon ///free entry.[https://www.marche-].

Demosthenes Agrafiotis
1. .”Prolégomènes à une histoire de la performance en Grèce”//“Prolegomena to a history of performance in Greece”, AlDante/ Les presses du réel, 2023. Booth 104. Signature: Saturday-10/06/2023, 6.00-7.00 p.m. Sunday-11/06/2023, 7.00-8.00 p.m.
2.AMAY.3×21, L’Arbre à Paroles,La Maison de la Poésie d’Amay, BE, 2023.Poems, drawings (Indian ink) and photographs.
Stand  209/516
3.“Poetic Works”. TOME I. Editions:La rumeur libre, 2022.
Stand of the publishing  house.
[4 books of poems-drawings].PUBLICATIONS
4.Editions L’Harmattan
4.1 “Anthology of Greek poetry.1975-2005“.K.Nassikas & D.Agrafiotis, Levée d’ancre, L’Harmattan, Paris,2012.
4.2 “Sauver Venise”/“Save Venice”, poetic prose and photographs, bilingual French and Greek, L’Harmattan, Retina.Creation, Paris, 2019.
4.3 “Antikleia”, poems and photographs, bilingual and photographs, L’Harmattan, Retina.Creation, 2021.
Signature: Thursday, 08/06/2023,12.00-13.00.
Stand 600.
5.1 “Glim-merings“,Estepa Editions,2020 (in EN)5.2 “bebeDADA“, Estepa Editions,2014 (drawings-writing)
5.3 “y,es“,poems in EN & in JPN,  drawings of Takesada Matsutani, Estepa Editions, 2015.
6.Au coin de la rue de l’Enfer
6.1 “Dé-connexions”/“Disconnections”,2020.Poems and drawings.Stand Editions Au coin de la rue de l’Enfer.
7.1 “ArtxArt” -Visual poems,2011
7.2 “DartxDart“,-Visual poems, 2019. of the redfoxpress editions.
8. Review: TESTE (FR)
no. 50 (2023)_ no anniversary – special issue
“photographic (images) / words”  [ “images (photographiques) / mots” ]
contribution  of da.da: two collages
Stand of the Review: TESTE
On 06/09/2023, Friday, PERFORMANCES: “SHAKESPEAR & Co” Bookshop, Quartier Latin
Paris, 75005,///37, Rue de la Bucherie.
Organisation:François Massut
Participation of da/da, see analytical programme attached.