“continuit_y unfamiliar ” 4 poems in 5 languages:FR,EN, EL, IT JPN (written in Japan) of da/da 6 photos realised in Japon, by da/da

Bacchanales, no 66, 2021, pp: 201-207.(FR)
Editor  :  J.P. Bobillot
EL>>>IT,FR   by       Michèle VALLEY
EL>>>EN       by       Angelos SAKKIS
EL>>>JPN     by       Adriani PSARAKIS

“arthole ” Assembling magazine/artist book, handmade,international,multilingual,hypetextu(r)al. In Dada, Fluxus, Merz,Zaum spirit.

Each issue is unique.
KS 66044,USA.
(da.da ‘ s participation with 20 works-A5).

“VOIX/VOIDS, II et VOI(x)DS,II” in “L’ABSENCE”, [Aux origines du signe et du transfert”], editor : Dr.Kostas NASSIKAS

Transversales Philosophiques-Editions:  EME, Belgium , 2021, pages:241-250
{ Visual  poems in french (translated by M.Valley)  and  photos of dada’s  performance  }
    012      201710_DA_NOSTOS_FR

«frontiers, inter-limits»//synora, syn-oria». Etel Adnan (1925, Beirut – 2021, Paris) oanagnostis, 21/12/2021 Essay-text on Etel Adnan..




The “ELEPHANTA(rt) ” The updated catalog: www.elephanta.fr participation of da/da with a Photo,page 254.


“The Sea is always far away” {images, schemes,sounds } Group Show of Visual Poetry (VISPO) “Technohoros”,Lempesis street 12, Athens, (Mo AKROPOLIS) , www.technohoros.org 12/01>>>04/2022.





Video tour of the Show: 

Virtual tour:


Participation of da.da with two visual poems &10 drawings οf  indian ink on japanese papers, A4 : 7  “Blues”-homage  to M.Mitra, 2 “FLIP i,ii”-homage to N.Xatzidakis , 1″FLIP, iii”-homage to Y.Gazetopoulou . A video of da.da  for M.M. Text on the conception of the show by da.da.



” 3 unreadable poems .Hommage à Michael Mitras” ” 3 poèmes illisibles’.Hommage à Michael Mitras”

3 visual poems . Hommage à Greek visual poet : Michail Mitras (1944-2019).
Indian ink  /feutre  sur papier,A4,2021.
Printed Review :nuire., FR, . #9, 10/2021, pp.54-56