2009-2011 | Athens, Matsue, New York

The Open Mind of Lafcadio Hearn

“The Open Mind of Lafcadio Hearn”, in In New York, Book and Art Exhibition.The Nippon Gallery at the Nippon Center, NY. Participation with the Photo Collage:” 2nd adventure of Lafcadio “, 30/09-14/10/2011.(Group show). http://nipponclub.org

“The Open Mind of Lafkadio Hearn. A second adventure”, Museum of Lafkadio Hearn, Matsue Castle, Matsue, Japan, group show, 10/10-03/11/2010. {Photographic Collage}. http://hearn2010.yakumokai.org/en/exhibition

“The Open Mind of Lafkadio Hearn”, The American College of Greece, Museum ACG-ART, Athens, Curator 17/ Megakles Rogakos, 12/10/2009 -05/2010.


2008 | Brescia, Italy


“Greek alphabet Japanese version” “ALFABETI”, Foundation Pado Berardelli, Brescia, Italy, 11/2007-01/2008, Indian ink, 24 works, letters, curator Sarenco.

2008 | Athens

Art 2 use

“Art 2 use”, Diana Gallery, curator Dr. L. Kokkini, 9-31/12/2008.

2007 | Thessaloniki

Panorama of Visual arts in Greece

“DADA or not DADA?”, “Panorama of Visual arts in Greece”, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Salonica 11/2007 – 01/2008, curator Charis Kampouridis.

2006 | Italy

Primo Piano

“Primo Piano. Parole azioni, suoni, immagini da una collezione d’arte”, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci. Collezione di Carlo Palli, Curatore Marco Bazzini, 06-09/2006. (Participation with video-computer graphics “Kaligraphein” in collaboration with A. Bissogiannis & “abecedaries”). www.centroartepecci.prato.it

2003 | Athens


“Iconographes”, Curator: M. Stefanidis, Greek-American Union and Milo-Apple Gallery, Athens, Greece.  Participation with installations [«0,¥», «in-scriptions»], [«origami», «poetry review»].  Presentation part of my archives of Action Art (Blaine, Beuys, Linaris-Coridou, Tolsty…), 8-29/10/2003.  (Greek group of “visual poetry” 1981-2003).

1989 | Italy

Mediterranean art

“Mediterranean art”, exhibition by the occasion of the award Cervo Prize, Brindisi, Italy, 6-7/1989.

1989 | Athens


“Tracemes”, Centre of Contemporary Art – Ileana Tounta, Athens, 23/2 – 11/3/1989.