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On Thanos Murray – Velloudios | Review “591”

In edition no4 of review “591” , an article is published by da/da

on Thanos Murray – Velloudios: The Forgotten dadaist.


About the edition ( in french)






(gr) Νοέμβριος 2017

(gr) Δέσμευση ή γιορτάζοντας το εδώ και τώρα

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December 2015

Singular Vispo – First encounters #4


“In Dialogue with Dick HIGGINS”

 comments on a scheme for a possible “definition” of Visual Poetry

Read more info at ColdFront magazine.

Read Singular Vispo – First Encounters #4 in PDF, edited by Nico Vassilakis (see pages 22-30 for DA’s contribution).


(fr) Été 2014

(fr) 10 pérégrinations cris(ι)ologiques @ revue Inferno #3

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(gr) Φεβρουάριος 2014 | Περιοδικό Ο Αναγνώστης

(gr) LA BIENNALE di VENEZIA – Πολιτιστική αστοχία;

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February 2013



Drawings from India


Rituals and ceremonies in Varanasi

The road to Kumbh Mela

Women pilgrims from Behal

Purifications during Kumbh Mela in the junction of Ganges et Jamouna

Pilgrims and Gods

Affluence from an indian village

Crossing the Kumbh Mela area

Sadhus and pilgrims going to Kumbh Mela

Ceremonies and purifications

Ashram in the border of Gange


On performance

performance | επιτέλεση

The action or the result of επιτελώ: to perform. Derivatives: επιτελώ/-ούμαι: to execute, to realize; επιτελεστικός, -ή, -ό: used as a translation of the term performative. In the Greek literature, the word επιτέλεση has been used as a translation of the english term performance, mainly in the field of Social Anthropology. Some departments of Greek universities offer a course on the “Anthropology of Performance”, while the performance studies have in some cases been translated as the studies ofεπιτέλεση. In the field of Art History, the word has been sporadically used as a translation of the termsperformance art, or art-action, that are usually translated as (visual) action, or (artistic) “dromenon”. Recently, the word performance tends to be used untranslated. According to Demosthenes Agraphiotis, the morpheme τελ of the word επιτέλεση “is related to the fulfillment of a thought, a wish, or a prophecy.” “In Homeric epic poems, the traveller επιτελεί, completes his route approaching the νόστος, the return to the motherland”. The meaning of the ancient Greek verb τελάω,-ώ was the realization of a journey, and its infinitive (τελείν) was demonstrating an action “in absolute agreement with plan, a command, a prayer, a promise or a prophecy.” This relationship is eloquent to other words with the morpheme τελ, such as τελετή (ritual/ceremony), τέλειο (perfect), τελεία (full stop), εκτέλεση(execution), ατελές (imperfect), συντελεστής (factor), τελεστής (operator), εκτελεστής(executioner),τελεσφορία (efficiency), τελειώνω (to finish).

Author and translator: Marios Hatziprokopiou