October 2015

Ino @ cARTed series n.308

Ino (Chania/Crète, 1992) - cARTed Series n.308 - 10/2015 - Nice

Post cards of/with Demosthenes Agrafiotis on cARTed.eu website:

Ino (Chania/Crete, 1992) – cARTed Series n.308 – 10/2015
Antikleia (Paris, 1977) – Series n.304 – 01/2015
cARTed Junction 278 – Festival PAN TOTAL, Paris, 2012 Reading by Demosthenes Agrafiotis : “Bêtises”
More cARTed by DA on dagrafiotis.com

The cARTed Picture Show – Friendly sculpture

Simple yet centrifugal yet extraverted, designed to cause accidental encounters between scattered artist’s networks. cARTed is developing around the cooperative publication of postcards.

cARTed exists since 1993. Under this name, Pascal Pithois proposes to all the artists who wish it, without any selection, to publish postcards, which must be original creations, starting from a topic sometimes, but generally without.

Each printing gives rise to one or more plates of eighteen cards, in black and white or in color, as many windows open on different universes and worlds. But first of all, the edition of the postcards remains the pretext of a real “friendly sculpture”. Indeed, most important and the essence of this work consists in supporting the exchanges and the sharing between all these artists.

cARTed’s project consists in bringing together artists without distinction of race, religion, category, concern, age, sex, orientation, sensitivity, notoriety, fortune, class, opinion, value, taste, that is to say without selection, apart from any consideration of an aesthetic, ethical or ideological nature. To bring together artists who are being fortuitously contemporary in their proposer to create a postcard according to a co-operative principle. So, gradually, from plate of postcards to plate of postcards, cARTed develops a network growing, gathering multiple scattered networks and connecting them bit by bit the ones to the others. For the publication of each series a meeting is organized, always in a different city, a different place. First of all cARTed is nomad, almost virtual, everywhere and nowhere, generating only travels and displacements, finally a very light thing, the dance of networks colliding.

Pascal Pithois
creator of cARTed – 1993

Photos from recent encounters