Visual-photo-poems   [da/da]

e-review  “utsanga”,IT,
(Asemic writing/experimental poetry.)

“Glim-merings” | New book by da/da

da/da ‘s new book has just been published, entitled: 
a Leporello book, of 8 pages ,
in  English ,  40 copies,
from  Estepa Editions, Paris, 2020.
Kate Van Houten,


Lawrence Ferlinghetti: a reticent World Traveler | hartismag e-article

Issue 13 of e-magazine,
hosts an article by da/da,
about American poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, based on 
their conversations in Genoa, June 2002, VIII International Poetry Festival

Article link ( in greek)

(Photos  by Michèle Valley)

Poems from book Maribor


Photography “dada_scapes” | e-review “Avant Appalachian” , USA

In the e -review “Avant Appalachian”, (USA), 8th issue, 12/2019
3 photos by da/da are published , titled “dada_scapes” 
More in  e-review’s webpage ,  section “current issue


Performance “Primitive” |Xouth International Festival

On Wednesday 18/12/2019, at  21.00, in the context of Xouth International Festival (in greek) (18-22/12/2019)

in the space of, at Voukourestiou 33, Athens 

da/da will demonstra(c)te the performance (sound poetry) titled “Primitive

in dialogue with guitarist Kostas Oikonomou

Nouveau livre “DART x DART”

Le nouveau livre de da/da, “DART x DART”, avec des poèmes visuels,
est disponible sur


Performance “LANGUAGE. Languages”| Museum of Gounaropoulos, Athens [GR]

On 18 May 2019, in the contet of International Museum Day, 
and also in the framework of group show Poetry: eloquent painting. Hommage à Gounaro” in Museum of Gounaropoulos 
da/da executed the performance “LANGUAGE. Languages.”  


«Visions, V_ideas, Performances / 2014-8» | Article in e-magazine hartismag [GR]

The 9th edition of e-magazine
publishes da/da ‘s article  «Visions, V_ideas, Performances / 2014-8» in greek
The essay attempts a retrospective on the the history of the namesake exhibition about the art of performance,
that takes place every year since 2014, with da/da as main curator
in a variety of places in Athens, mostly Beton7 in Votanikos area.

Article link in ( GR only)