“Art by travel vs Art of travel”

(Taxidiotiki texni vs texni tou taxidiou)
text of da/da,”to dentro”, literary review, no 236-7, Spring 2022, pp.190-3 (in Greek)

“Reorientations, revisions”

Essay on  visual  poetry (in Greek)
hartis“, digital magazine, no 42, June, 2022
https: //www.hartismag.gr/hartis-42/klimakes/anakatatakseis-anatheoriseis
(text, Chinese ink drawings, graphs, photography, visual poems)
The same material was published in English and French in the digital magazine: OTOLITHS



https://the-otolith.blogspot.com/2022/02/demosthenes-agrafiotis.html (FR)

n° 65, 02/2022

schèmes * schèmes schemes * schemes

schèmes * σχήματα schemes * σχήματα

σχήματα * schèmes σχήματα * schemes

σχήματα * σχήματα σχήματα * σχήματα

“Antikleia” – Interview

On the occasion of the release of the book:“Antikleia” “Αντίκλεια” ,
(Paris, L’Harmattan, Retina-Creation), 2022 (FR/EL)
Photographs and poems: da/da
Translation by Michèle Valley
Graphic design: Stelios Helmis
An interview of Demosthenes Agrafiotis with Pr.Dominique Chateau (Editorial Director),
nouvelle Revue d’esthétique, no 29/2022,Puf, pp.103-7. Special issue on: Arts on the margins.
see also:


With the publication of the book by D. Agrafiotis, EPITELESI/ON PERFORMANCE, Nissos Publications, Athens 2022,
an evening event took place: fluxus in the offices of  Nissos publications (04/05/2022).

In the first two videos A & B you can see a summary of the actions and in the third C a simple capture of all the events.

A (GR):https://youtu.be/RR2uv4adjxE

B (GR): https://youtu.be/WF14ehEIgMs



(Evthymis Dimitriou)


C (GR)
1st part https://youtu.be/i1Hlguoxs_4

2nd part https://youtu.be/woR1PO3IS6A

(Yiannis Stournas)

ANTIKLEIA (Video & Interview)

on the occasion of the publication of my book (Photographs and poems in FR & EL)


a video about my book:


INTERVIEW – New Review of Aesthetics/PUF (in French)-Nouvelle Revue d’Esthétique.

With Démosthène Agrafiotis, on the occasion of the release of his book Antikléia (L’Harmattan, Retina.Création, 2022)



“Traces, artces”

contribution  of da/da
mixed media on paper, various dimensions, unique works
Review-object: BAU, Container of Contemporary Culture, no 18
Italy-USA, 2022, 120 copies
On Saturday 3 September 2022 at 19:00,
presentation of BAU Container of Contemporary Culture n. 18
at the Paola Raffo Contemporary Art gallery
in Via Eugenio Barsanti 11 in Pietrasanta (LU), Italy.
Exhibition of the works included in the BAU  version of 2022
See pdf 1 & pdf 2

Voix Vives

Live Voices
from mediterranean to mediterranean
Poetry Festival
SETE/Fr, 22-30/07/2022 (25ème Édition)
participation of da/da>>>
readings, actions, performances,
presentation of the books: “Antikleia” and “Poetic Works. I”
Publication of an excerpt from my poem: “Amay.3×21″
in “Voix Vives.Anthologie, Sète 2022”
Éditions Bruno Doucey, Paris, 2022, pp.90-1
(translation by Michèle Valley)

“Oeuvres poétiques. I” [Poetry works.I]

4 books translated from Greek to French by Michèle Valley)

Poems and drawings by da/da

Editions: La rumeur libre
Format: 141 x 192(mm)
278 pages
see(in French)