“impressions, prints”

“impressions, prints”

Performance of DemosthenesAgrafiotis

14/09/2023    17h00
14-17 /09/2023 ,Art Athina/Foire internationale d’Art/30th Anniversary -Zappeion Palace, Athens

in collaboration with the Gallery of  Art :


Impressions, prints.

(A Little Performative Odyssey)


Demosthenes Agrafiotis in his performance “Impressions,

 prints” focuses on communication tools and

promoting the image of festivals, or institutions, or artists

or specific events. Posters, printed material, t-shirts,

mascots become means of advertising, creating of reputation and disseminating.

of information. From the various festivals/events in Greece

and abroad where he participated as a performer,

Agrafiotis, has collected t-shirts with the corresponding.

printed information about the event. In the action that

he realizes, the artist is shown wearing some t-shirts

 and gradually removes them while commenting.

on personal memories and incidents

of his distinctive participation in different festivals. Thus emerges a narrative from

wandering, a form of little Odyssey in various places and

in various fields of performance art – from

Japan to France, from Indonesia to New York.

Curator: Panos Giannikopoulos







Photographer; Dr Thomas Simeonidis

Editions: lulu [Printed books of Otoliths publications]

Editions: lulu 

[Printed books of  Otoliths publications]

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Critical text (in french)

A critical text by Georges Annetch on my book “Prolegomena on a history of performance in Greece”, presses du réel/Al Dante/études, Dijon, FR, 2023.
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Otolith,no 70,05/08/2023 (last/last issue!decision of the editor/pension), e-review

Otolith,no 70,05/08/2023 (last/last issue!decision of the editor/pension), e-review
Grateful for our excellent collaboration.Mark was very generous.
1.della notte/of the night
Venezia/Venice, 2022
2.1 fiamma di candela/candle flame

Venezia/Venice, 04/2022,6 photographs

2.2 Casa Delle Parole[One more Venetian innovation.]

                     To the memory of Marie Brandolini d’ Adda (1963-2013)

text and  5 photographs


(Group show), 05-31/08/2023
Curators:Adolfina de Stefani & Paola Caramel.
Campo  dei Ghetto Novo,   2918-30122, Venezia, Italia.
Participation of da/da with one work.
Digital Catalogue;

LE MARCHÉ de  la POÉSIE (40th).Presence, presentation  of my new book  on performance:

“Prolégomènes a une histoire de la performance en Grèce”  (in French)
Editions : les presses du réel/Al Dante-études,2023
Paris, Place St Sulpice. 75005,07-11/06/2023.

THE POETRY MARKET (40th).Presences, presentations of new books/ LE MARCHÉ de  la POÉSIE (40ème).Présences, présentations des nouveaux livres

Paris, Place Saint-Sulpice. 75005.07-11/06/2023.

1. L’ Harmattan
1.1 The anthology of Greek poetry.1975-2005.(in FR)
1.2 Antikleia (inFR)

2.Redfoxpress (Irl-Lux)

3. La rumeur libre 
3.1 Poetic Works I (in FR)

4.L’arbre à paroles (BE)


New artist’s book, made and printed by hand,
in collaboration with Kate van Houten
Estepa Editions, Paris, 2023.
Visual poem with title: friction and drawing-pencil  from the series: tracemes
First presentation during Le Marché de la Poésie,Paris, 07>>>11/06/202.