Juillet 2013

« art x art » @ « ekthesis »

art x art – virtual exhibition

In this series of A4-sized artworks, Demosthenes Agrafiotis presents the idea of art refolding within art in an attempt to invent a new way of documenting the artist’s activity and critically evaluating the diverse states and streams of contemporary art. By witnessing the traces of a personal journey, the relationship between the visual and the poetic, images and words, is established through a mode of expression that lingers between graphic design, conceptual art and the found object. Pressed into a two-dimensional state, we witness all elements in different combinations and manners of collaboration between them – a « collage / συν-εικόνα ». Agrafiotis externalizes this personal scripture by making it available for public viewership and commenting upon what it means « to exhibit » these images in different supports and spaces, physical or virtual.

Visit the exhibition at http://www.ekthesis-online.com/

« ekthesis » is an innovative online space that has opened in order to digitally experience artworks. In other words, it is a virtual gallery that offers the possibility of exhibiting artistic practices collected and curated as separate exhibitions. « ekthesis » aims at becoming an open space for the artist, the curator and the public, by opening up the possibilities of exhibiting, curating and viewing artworks.

Books related to « ARTxART’:

1. “Artxart”, Redfoxpress, Achill Island, Ireland, 2011 (www.redfoxpress.com).(images-visual poems from the series: »artxart)
2. “Poetry-Paparty”, »ARTxART », New Yipes Reader No 23, Oakland, Editor, David Larsen, 10/2007, 50 pages (texts, images, photographs, drawings from the series: « artxart »), Aukland, California, USA, 2007.

The virtual exhibition  is supported  by  « FONDAZIONE  BONOTTO « , Italy.

Juillet 2013

Première biennale de poésie visuelle d’Ille sur Têt à la Galerie (13) TREIZE

Hommage à Camillo CAPOLONGO
Lecture des textes de Camillo Capolongo
Hélène & Giorgio Bedani
Vendredi 5 juillet 2013 18h30
Galerie (13) TREIZE
En présence de son frère Domenico

Liste des participants :
AGRAFIOTIS Démosthène Grèce, Aguiar Fernando Portugal, Alle Christian France, Beaulieu Kurt Canada, Bennet John M USA, Blaine Julien France, CAPOLONGO Camillo Italia, Chiarlome Bruno Italia, Clouvel Solange France, Cohen Ryosuke Japon, Dalachinsky USA, Daligand Daniel France, Della Vedona Michel France, Dépanne machine France, Devande France, E – AMBASSADE D’UTOPIA France, Fierens Luc Belgique, Fremiot Joël France, Gillot Laurence France, GROH Klaus Germany, Guetat-Liviani Frédérique France, Helisen Alain France, Janke Eberhard Germany, Jeanjean Anne-Marie France, Jolivet André France, Le peintre NATO France, Lebel Jean-Jacques France, Lejard Ghislaine France, Lucas constança Brasil, LUIGETTI Serse Italia, Manyach Didier France, Massé Claude France, Miche-Art-Universalis Belgique, Miguel Jimenez El Taller de Zenon Espagne, Menguzzato Lorenzo Lomé Italia, MINARELLI Enzo Italia, Montalvetti Samuel Argentina, Morandi Emilio Italia, Myanard Yvan France, Nieslony Boris Germany, Niss Andrew Maximilian Germany, OLBRICH Jürgen O Germany, Olry Gilles France, Padin Clemente Uruguay, Papp Tibor France, Penard Rémy France PENNEQUIN Charles France, Pilcher Barrry Edgar Ireland, Pons Vincent France, Pontes Hugo Brasil, QUEIROZ Fatima Brasil, Robèr André France, Rotbard Sophy Larénion, RUIZ-RUIZ Manuel Espagne, Sarenco Italia, SIDAC Piet Franzen The Netherlands, Sourdin Bruno France, StraDA DA Giovani and Renata Italia, Tanabe Shin Japon, VAILHE Marie France.

L’ensemble des œuvres reçues sont sur :

8 mai - 27 juillet 2013

The lying on the floor

DA’s NY performance presented at the exhibition

The lying on the floor, abandoned to lie

An exhibition about material in Performance Art
formed by E.P.I. Zentrum Cologne and Sibylle Ettengruber MAERZ-Gallery Linz and more than 80 artists around the world.
venue: Künstlervereinigung MAERZ,
place: Eisenbahngasse 20, Austria – 4020 Linz
date: 8. May till 27. July 2013 / Tu. – Fr. 3:00 – 6:00 pm / Sa. 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Three different currents are to unify in this presentation.
The first one is the infinite multiplicity of what material is and can be, and the second one shows up in the
question of what and how material appears and the third stream forms itself in the multiplicity of the
applicable regulations.
Which structure of order is the most sensible production of meaning and how the existing material enters
into a transfer and combination will be seen.
The structural limitation is the body of people acting and in this case especially the visible part.
Mental – and physical – and energetic views are kept back for further presentations and outsourced here.
The diagrammatic exhibition brings together about 80 artists from around the world. These have sent
documentary material from their own works and their practice of performance and life art. Photos, texts
and relics form the body of the exhibition.
Contrapuntal these materials will be grouped into ethnographic and anthropological photographical views
of human action.
Reasonable is an incompleteness , which is also due to the vitality of the human body, and the vitality and
momentum of the material.
During the display a blog is installed – http://thelyingonthefloorabandonedtolie.blogspot.co.at/
Have also a view on the webpage of the E.P.I. Archive: http://www.asa.de/asa_broschure.pdf
Info: www.asa.de / www.maerz.at

Exhibition’s concept: pdf

DA’s photo documentation

24 février - 28 mars | Saint-Maximin, France

Exposition collective: Naviguons de conserve



Pôle Culturel La Croisée des Arts, Saint-Maximin, 83470, France
vernissage Vendredi 28 février à 18h00
Exposition visible du 24 février au 5 mars


Dans le cadre du 6e Festival 1 Max’ de Poésies Saint-Maximin
Du 24 février au 1er mars et du 24 au 28 mars


Participation de Demosthène Agrafiotis avec : « Conserver X Conserver X Conserver’
Format : A4
Technique mixte

Souvenirs Poétiques | Marseille décembre 1992

Jean Marc de Samie a pris une photo de Démosthène Agrafiotis sur 12/4/1992, à Marseille – France,  lors d’une conférence – performance à l’occasion de l’exposition « Traverses » à Centre international  de Marseille  pour la Poesie ( CiMP)


 L’exposition comprenait des œuvres d’encre chinoise, pastel, crayon sur papier,

editions livres d’artistes « Clinamen » , Le Refuge / CIPM, Marseille, 4/12/1992 – 30/1/1993.

Lien de l’édition en français


Démosthène Agrafiotis

© Jean Marc de Samie

© Jean Marc de Samie