2007 | Ellinika Grammata

Society: The open horizon of research and innovation

Society: The open horizon of research and innovation, Ellinika Grammata, 2007.

Series editor.

2005 | Polytropo Editions

Sexuality(ies) in times of AIDS and uncertainty

“Sexuality(ies) in times of AIDS and uncertainty”, Polytropo, Athens, 2005 (In collaboration with E.Ioannidi-Kapolou).


Technology Foresight in Greece

http://dagrafiotis.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/pdf.jpg Download the book in pdf.


Connecting brains & society

Collective work “Connecting Brains and Society, The present and future of brain science”, Rathenau Institut, King Baudouin Foundation, E.C., 2004.

2004 | Typothito ed.

Sociology of mental health and illness

“Sociology of mental health and illness”, Typothito ed., 2004

2003 | Ellinlka Grammata

The contribution of research, technology and innovation in regional development

Series editor.

2003 | Typothito -Dardanos editions

Health, Illness, Society

Health, Illness, Society”, Typothito/Dardanos, Athens, 2003.

2002 | Typothito ed.

Sociology of health and illness

Sociology of health and illness, Typothito ed., 2002.