“CONFINEMENTS. A Corrosive Evaluation”

[Discourses _ Conversations_Performances. Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Alipio Carvalho Neto, Dimitrios Trikas ]

With the closure of the events/activities: “Confinements”  questions arise regarding the principles and procedures of the overall organization, the degree of satisfaction of the multiple expectations, the fruitful or not co-articulation of diachronicity and synchronicity in the understanding of extreme social situations (madness, asylum, surveillance, violence) and for the t(r)topological limits in the connections of the arts with exclusions and confinements. 


*Two performances by Demosthenes Agrafiotis, “Joints & Purifications “

**Dialogue by Dimitris Trikas and Demosthenes Agrafiotis

***Performance by Alipio Carvalho Neto (BR-IT),”L’ ELEMENTO UMANO-N.O.F 4″.(Art Brut/Music) in collaboration with Rachele Gigli.

Dromokaiteio Psychiatric Hospital, Haidari, Attiki,GR 17/12/2022.  


Two documentary videos: 

https://youtu.be/9cHFyKLEqrg  EL

https://youtu.be/WxFr9SGDnjA    EN 

[Visual material of the videos by Giorgos Tsoutsouras, Michèle Valley, and Efthymis Dimitriou / Edited by Efthymis Dimitriou.]

“Reorientations, revisions”

Essay on  visual  poetry (in Greek)
hartis“, digital magazine, no 42, June, 2022
https: //www.hartismag.gr/hartis-42/klimakes/anakatatakseis-anatheoriseis
(text, Chinese ink drawings, graphs, photography, visual poems)
The same material was published in English and French in the digital magazine: OTOLITHS



https://the-otolith.blogspot.com/2022/02/demosthenes-agrafiotis.html (FR)

n° 65, 02/2022

schèmes * schèmes schemes * schemes

schèmes * σχήματα schemes * σχήματα

σχήματα * schèmes σχήματα * schemes

σχήματα * σχήματα σχήματα * σχήματα

Dialogue (in Greek) radio with Mrs. Katerina Sotiriou

Dialogue (in Greek) radio with Mrs. Katerina Sotiriou
(Prof. Karolos Koun Theater School – Artist)
on my book
On Performance-EPITELESIS, “nissos” editions, 2022
21.00, Sunday 05/22/2022
web radio: metadeftero.gr
radio show: Terra Incognita
Recorded program at Mixcloud


“EXPOÉSIE”, Périgueux, 2021, photo da/da


Issue sixty-five of Otoliths, the southern autumn 2022 issue

1α.«Reorientations, revisions>>
{essay on visual poetry} by da/da, text & 7  visual poems


1b.« Réorientations, révisions »
{essai sur la poésie visuelle} de da/da


2. Photographic essay: QUA(e)RRY LIGHT-six photos of da/da



poem in EL, EN,FR > written form-linear/visual poem & 4 videos
translation from Greek to English by Angelos Sakkis
translation from greek to French by Michèle Valley
video: reading of English version by Angelos Sakkis
video: reading of French version by Michèle Valley
video: reading of the Greek version by da/da
video: performative reading of  the three versions by  Michèle Valley, Angelos Sakkis & da/da
video editor: Euthimis Dimitriou
spring, 2022
Pamenar Press/online magazine
London / Toronto/ Tehran

(gr) ΕΠΙ|ΤΕΛΕΣΗ – Μια βραδιά fluxus για την έκδοση του βιβλίου

Video of fluxus  event:



Video: Yannis Stournas

“Six (easy) variations on pandemic”


Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Photo-essay, 6 photos, colour, spring 2022, (special issue).


the book of da / da



Nissos publications, Athens, 2022. 266 pages
Series: DIADROMES  8
ISBN 978-960-589-156-5 
Translations of texts: Katerina Goula, Georgia Economopoulou, Rozali Sinopoulou, Charalambos Magoulas
General editing of the book: Rosali Sinopoulou
Graphic design: Vivi Papanikola & Dimitris Mitsopoulos – Colorfabrik