“URGENCES POESIES” Exhibition of a visual poem of DA(DA


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Exhibition of a visual poem of DA(DA


PARIS, 45, rue de la Folie Méricourt , Paris 75011 , France


Commissaire: François MASSUT

INSTITUTION: “POETRYISNOTDEAD” in Collaboration with the MUSEE DE ARTHUR RIMBAUD (http://musee-arthurrimbaud.fr/).


Photography “dada_scapes” | e-review “Avant Appalachian” , USA

In the e -review “Avant Appalachian”, (USA), 8th issue, 12/2019
3 photos by da/da are published , titled “dada_scapes” 
More in  e-review’s webpage ,  section “current issue


Nouveau livre “DART x DART”

Le nouveau livre de da/da, “DART x DART”, avec des poèmes visuels,
est disponible sur redfoxpress.com


(gr) Χίμαιρα και Φρονιμάδα | Άρθρο στο e-περιοδικό hartismag

Sorry, this entry is only available in Greek.

Iolkos/ Thessaly: Variations | Photo-project in Otoliths

Photo-project “Iolkos/Thessaly: Varations” by da/da is published by e-magazine Otoliths

Article link in Otoliths

“Mailboxes. Amay” | Photo project

During his Residence in “Amay’s House of Poetry” , da/da has realised

the photo – project “Mailboxes. Amay”

24 photographs from mailboxes of buildings in Amay , Belgium

24 letters of the greek alphabet

Collection on Lensculture

Date :10 – 30/06/2019.


Residence : 10-30/2019

“Cities and contemporary creation” | da/da’s book interview

Publication house HD- ateliers Henry Dougier (Paris) is launching a new book collection, titled:
“10 +100” Villes et creation contemporain. (Cities and contemporary creation)
Book “La ville d’ Athenes”  from writer/journalist Daphnee Breytenbach contains a tribute to the life and work of Demosthenes Agrafiotis. (pages 86-93). 
Paris , 05/2019. (in colors).


Εxhibition “Poetry: eloquent painting. Hommage à Gounaro” | Athens, GR

Group show Poetry: eloquent painting. Hommage à Gounaro  
is taking place in Museum of Gounaropoulos, Zografou – Ilisia, Athens, Greece
between 10 April and 08 June , 2019

da/da will have the following contributions:

  1. In the permanent exhibition, with his work : “abcedary” 24 letters of Greek alphabet in Japanese Calligraphy 
    24 pieces of work in A4 size paper, with chinese ink 
  2. In the context of International Museum Day, on 18 May 2019,11:00 am, with a performance
    Titled: “LANGUAGE. Languages.”

Commissioner- curator: Manolis Karterakis