20 October 2013 - , Egypt

Cavafy at the Library of Alexandria

The Library of Alexandria presents an exhibition on Constantinos Cavafy’s influence on contemporary art. The exhibition with the title “Walk with Cavafy” will open on October 20 and is organized by the Alexandria Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture under the auspices of the Consulate General of Greece in Alexandria.

The exhibition has over 100 works such as paintings, sculptures, woodcarvings and photography by leading artists from Alexandria, Cyprus and Greece. The artists from the three countries met, worked together and visited the Cavafy Museum.
In the city where Cavafy spent his life, the exhibition honors the universal dimension of his work through the presentation of an original cultural product that adds a modern multicultural approach to his heritage.

Furthermore, the artists are offering part of their work to the Cavafy Museum, which enriches the collection and makes it more attractive to the visitor.

The artists from Greece are: Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Zacharias Arvanitis, Dimosthenis Gallis, Manolis Giannadakis, Maria Giannakaki, Sarantis Gagas, Gina Dellassouda, Petros Zouboylakis, Basilis Kontosfiris, Apostolos Kotoulas, Thomas Makinatzis, Antigoni Manolidou and Nikos Terzis, from Cyprus –among others- Anna Vasiliou, Giorgos Georgiadis, Sakis Doridis, and Anna Erotokritou.

Demosthenes Agrafiotis participation
27 x 60 cm. – Indian ink on handmade paper