July 2015

Antikleia @ Lensculture


“Antikleia” photography project as been published on Demosthenes Agrafiotis’ profile at lensculture.com, one of the most authoritative resources for contemporary photography.

“Whenever a medium or an “expression system” emerges, a series of arrangements and connexions occur in the artistic space as a whole. Since its appearance, and during its one hundred and sixty years of existance, photography has had the privilege of
causing profound changes in the visual arts field and especially in painting. “Antikleia” is the project, the opportunity to celebrate the – dense and complex – dialogue between the original art (painting) and the technologic art (photography). Antikleia was the mother of Ulysses who has the chance to speaking with her in Hades, the underworld, according to ancient Greek mythology. Antikleia was raped by Sisyphus, giving thusly birth to Odyssey’s hero. “Antikleia” means both “the glory” and “against the glory”. Antikleia is also my life’s compagnion.”

1960-1980. Athens, Sifnos, Paris, Saint Malo, Delfi, Pelion.