2007 | Erato Editions

Now, 1/3

“Tora, 1/3”, Εrato Editions, Athens, 2007;. (Poems and drawings of Indian ink). 15X22,5 cm.

ISBN- 978-960-229-202-0

The book “now,1/3” dedicated to the experience of time, does not refer to time as a cultural convention (linear, calculable, divisible) or as a substrate of the human existential experience, but it aims to use time, or rather, temporalities, as a constituent and “material” element of the poems. The book is inspired by the art of moving pictures (cinema, video) and it has the undertones of a scenario. It is a “picture book”, according to an expression by Emmett Williams, an attempt to incorporate time into the structure of the poems as the reader moves through the pages of the book.In support of a multiple temporality (reading time, time of the writing of the poems, time of processing and all the temporalities of the author but also of the reader) I juxtapose the images which sometimes speed up and sometimes immobilize the flow of words on the page.

The book is open to different approaches, to selecting the scale of time; as they are successively laid out in the space of the book, minute, [hour,] day, week, month, year, the reader fashions his or her own time perspective.
Finally, [it is] a structure of temporalities so that human experience can be put through the test of time.

D.A. 11/2007