Text-hommage: “John GIORNO”   [tireless worker of  performance poetry ]  







[tireless worker of  performance poetry ]

“chartis”, nο 22, e-review, 10/2020.


(some complementary photographies).





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Interview by da/da on “Sound Poetry” | “Metadeftero” webradio [GR]

On Sunday 17/03/2019, 21:00, da/da gave an interview
to Katerina Sotiriou , in her radio show “Terra Incognita“, on the online radio “Metadeftero“,

for the exhibition “The Liberated Voice / Sound Poetry
taking place at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, (France)
in cooperation with the Italian Foundation Fondazione Bonotto,
and will take place between  21/03/2019 – 12/05/2019

The interview and the show are in greek

Event link on Palai de Tokyo site

Information on the event by Fondazione Bonotto




“Maribor” | New book [french publication]

The new book of dA “Maribor” has been published in French

by “la rumeur libre”  publications

and translated by Michele Valey

Four Elements of Empedocles

Four Elements of Empedocles  are 4 video – poems of Demosthene Agrafiotis.



Zerelia, Euxinoupolis – Thessaly, Greece,  Summer 2017

(gr) Ποίημα “υπό περιορισμόν” | TESTE, no 29

 Sorry, this entry is available only in In French and in Greek

June 2017

Letter @ otoliths

Demosthenes Agrafiotis’s poem “Letter” has been published in Otoliths, a magazine of many e-things.

Translated from the Greek by Angelos Sakkis.

Delphi, 03/21/2001, Lisbon, 06/21-25/2001, Rome, 06/26/2001


what letter
            leads to the white
what letter
            denies the color
what letter
            poses the problem
what letter
            exercises moderation
what letter
            traverses poetry (more…)

July 2015

The Abecedary of Ino

Design and 3D printing

Ιn collaboration with Fixers (www.fixers.gr)

3D printer’s sound while printing:

Photos of the Alphabet in 3D print

ABCINO @ Otoliths

The poem and photos from the Abecedary of Ino have been published at Otoliths e-magazine.

ABCINO @ Electric night Vol.3


Photos and videos from ABCINO installation during Electric Night vol.3 held in Palais des paris [Frédéric Weigel], in Takasaki, Japan on 03/29/2015.

Read more on Demosthenes Agrafiotis’ Travel to Japan here.



(gr) Μάρτιος 2015

(gr) La Bêtise est-elle/Είναι η βλακεία

Sorry, this entry is only available in Greek and French.