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the book of da / da



Nissos publications, Athens, 2022. 266 pages
Series: DIADROMES  8
ISBN 978-960-589-156-5 
Translations of texts: Katerina Goula, Georgia Economopoulou, Rozali Sinopoulou, Charalambos Magoulas
General editing of the book: Rosali Sinopoulou
Graphic design: Vivi Papanikola & Dimitris Mitsopoulos – Colorfabrik

Text-hommage: “John GIORNO”   [tireless worker of  performance poetry ]  







[tireless worker of  performance poetry ]

“chartis”, nο 22, e-review, 10/2020.


(some complementary photographies).





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Εxhibition “Poetry: eloquent painting. Hommage à Gounaro” | Athens, GR

Group show Poetry: eloquent painting. Hommage à Gounaro  
is taking place in Museum of Gounaropoulos, Zografou – Ilisia, Athens, Greece
between 10 April and 08 June , 2019

da/da will have the following contributions:

  1. In the permanent exhibition, with his work : “abcedary” 24 letters of Greek alphabet in Japanese Calligraphy 
    24 pieces of work in A4 size paper, with chinese ink 
  2. In the context of International Museum Day, on 18 May 2019,11:00 am, with a performance
    Titled: “LANGUAGE. Languages.”

Commissioner- curator: Manolis Karterakis



Performance for “Ekistics” conference | Athens 14/12/2018

During the all-day conference: “Ekistics” , at the Architectural School of National Technical University of Athens, on 14th December 2018, da/da participated with his intervention:

“Avant – Garde, mis-recognition. Milestones from the adventure of Ekistics”, 

as well as with the following performance/demonstr@ction.

Video was created by Charlampos Louizidis , Architect, School of Architectue – N.T.U.A


Demonstra©tion in the International Encounter RiAP | Canada

In November 2018 da/da participated in the International Workshop  for the Evaluation of the Art of Performance  RiAP (Rencontre Internationale d’ Art de Performance)  in Quebec, Canada, with a Demonstra©tion and discourse for the presentation of the Greek scene on 10/11/2018

In the link below, da/da analyses (in greek) his assessment on the art of performance and its place in the global scene:

 α – Δυνατή αποτίμηση

January 2016

Purifications, folds

Performed in the 2nd exhibition dedicated to Thanos Murray-Velloudios at Beton7 on January 2016.

Read more on the exhibition.

August 2015 | Tinos Festival 2015

Empedocles: The four elements


At Tinos Festival 2015 that took place this summer, Demosthenes Agrafiotis has presented four performances titled “Empedocles: The four elements”

Tinos Festival 2015 program: pdf

Visual poetry on Empedocles (pdf)

Empedocles: The four elements

Empedocles (Akragantas 484 (;) – 429 (;) BC) claimed that the world is made of four elements: earth, air, water and fire, and that it is governed by two opposing forces: filotita –love and hatred. Friedrich Hölderlin considered the work of Empedocles as a poetic milestone for European culture. According to the history and legend,  Empedocles was a poet, philosopher, social activist (for agricultural production issues, public health problems), political protagonist in democratic battles-causes of his fellow citizens. Finally, falling into the active volcano of Mount Etna and leaving his golden sandals on the walls of caldera as a signature, he allows us to consider him as the first performer or as the founder of the performance art. My four performances (in correspondence with the above four elements) aspire to give an homage to this important personality of Magna Grecia.

Demosthenes Agrafiotis.


Videos of the performances