Issue sixty-five of Otoliths, the southern autumn 2022 issue

1α.«Reorientations, revisions>>
{essay on visual poetry} by da/da, text & 7  visual poems


1b.« Réorientations, révisions »
{essai sur la poésie visuelle} de da/da


2. Photographic essay: QUA(e)RRY LIGHT-six photos of da/da


“Six (easy) variations on pandemic”


Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Photo-essay, 6 photos, colour, spring 2022, (special issue).

Photography “dada_scapes” | e-review “Avant Appalachian” , USA

In the e -review “Avant Appalachian”, (USA), 8th issue, 12/2019
3 photos by da/da are published , titled “dada_scapes” 
More in  e-review’s webpage ,  section “current issue


Iolkos/ Thessaly: Variations | Photo-project in Otoliths

Photo-project “Iolkos/Thessaly: Varations” by da/da is published by e-magazine Otoliths

Article link in Otoliths

“Mailboxes. Amay” | Photo project

During his Residence in “Amay’s House of Poetry” , da/da has realised

the photo – project “Mailboxes. Amay”

24 photographs from mailboxes of buildings in Amay , Belgium

24 letters of the greek alphabet

Collection on Lensculture

Date :10 – 30/06/2019.


Residence : 10-30/2019

Monastery of Kaisiarani I | Photoproject


Photoproject link at lensculture


Driven by the beauty and energy that the Monastery of Kaisariani in Athens inspires, Dimosthenis Agrafiotis has created a photo-project,

  a collection of personal photos

    paintings by artists Constantinos Parthenis, Constantinos Maleas

      texts from writers  Philippe Lacoue -Labarthe /Claire Nancy, Jacques Derrida, Michel Serres, Michel Deguy /Martine Bauer

        A narrative , an essay  on Philosophy and friendship.


Through this project, Martin Heidegger’s admiration for the Monastery area is highlighted , as he honoured it in his book “Sejour/Aufenthalt”.


March 2017

Essence of the Universe


Essence of Universe, Hesiode-Kithairon, 2017

Photography published at EssenceOfTheUniverse blog.

March 2016

Arte, Poesia

Title: Arte , Poesia
Mixed media: painting, photography, tissues//installation, 110×160 cm
Command by Bonotto’s Fondation. (see also Facebook page)
Dialogue with the painting of Giorgione  :”The tempest”.
The tempest as threat and stimulus.
In the photo, Giovanni Bonotto (10/03/2016).
The work includes a photograph by DA picturing the Bonotto family: Luigi and his sons, Giovanni and Lorenzo.