(gr) ΜΑΡΤΥΡΙΑ – «Le grand Dépotoir»

TESTIMONY – “Le grand Dépotoir”

Julien BLAINE, Marseille, 03/13/2020

Exhibition, La Friche de la Belle-de-Mai.




1. Participation in the actions of Julien Blaine.

2. Text: “Dérives à partir d ‘une action conclusive”, essay and visual poems, “art, MarKEt”, in the catalog of Julien Blaine, “Le grand Dépotoir”, les presses du réel / Al Dante, Dijon, 2020, pages, 70-9.

3. Three videos from da/da.

3.1The exhibition.

3.2 The “forced” inauguration.

3.3 Interview with Julien Blaine, 14/3/2020.

4. Selection of photos taken on the occasion of the actions, before and during the opening.

5. The text of da / da written after the events on 13/03/2020, concerning the actions of Julien Blaine. (in French).



[Gallery not specified]



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a new  artist ‘s book from da/da
Editions : AU COIN DE LA RUE DE L’ ENFER, FR, 2019
poems (French, English, Greek), drawings, photos,  visual poems.13,5×19 cm, 114 pages, color printing. on Rives tradition paper, in 24 copies, numbered with the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet, and signed by the poet. In a specially designed box 24×32 cm. And with printing of Greek letters on its cover. Translation, Michèle Valley & graphic design (variation), Stelios Helmis.
An original /unique drawing , pastel on paper, A4,by da/da,is offered  with each artist’s book.


IMG_20201120_134436 (2)
a new book from da/da
Editions : AU COIN DE LA RUE DE L’ ENFER, FR, 2019
poems (French, English, Greek), drawings, photographs, visual poems.13,5×19 cm, 114 pages, color printing.Translation, Michèle Valley & graphic design, Stelios Helmis.

Press Release Window Museum_Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Logo_window Museum

Title: “Looking at the wind”

Artist: Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Sombras Obliquas” &

Four elements of Empedocles. Fire”

The Window Museum is an alternative and archived space, created in these uncertain times and designed to preserve our safety in this moment of pandemic. Our objective is to observe the art through a window.

Looking at the Wind” is the beginning of a video Art cycle, edited by Beatriz Albuquerque. The aim of the cycle consists to present how artists are affected by the pandemic and how the impact has emerged during the global pandemic.

It opens on November 6, 2020 with two videos by the Greek poet and intermedia artist, Demosthenes Agrafiotis.

Edited by: Beatriz Albuquerque


Press Release Window Museum_Demosthenes Agrafiotis (1)


WIndowMuseum Nov2020

WIndowMuseum Nov_2020


Recent works/web-links




1.  Four  Visual Poems:  Nesos/Lesbos/Sappho,e-review>>>mercurius


2.   Four  Photo-poems: “Liming poems”,e-review >>> the otolith

3. Poem : “turn-Maribor” >>>appalachian-special issue:” disabled”



4. Two photographies and  a collaboration with Io Oikonomou:“D’après Google vous êtes ici”…Projet de Timoteo, Blog.


5. Text  on  Julien Blaine: >>>>poezibao, e-review :

(Carte blanche) à Démosthène Agrafiotis à propos du Grand dépotoir de Julien Blaine


“137 artisti in Quarantena” Confinement art-Photography-Spring/2020

Confinement art-Photography-Spring/2020, in

“137 artisti in Quarantena”

Curators: Carlo Palli & Aldo Frangioni

Cultura Commestibile, Florence,Italy,2020.


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da 0 2020-10-13_201629

da 2 2020-10-13_201812

da 3 2020-10-13_201955

da 4 2020-10-13_202238

Text-hommage: “John GIORNO”   [tireless worker of  performance poetry ]  







[tireless worker of  performance poetry ]

“chartis”, nο 22, e-review, 10/2020.


(some complementary photographies).





6.202008_25_DA_GIORNO_POSTER[1]    119195861_1732726233558930_5732412473686858632_o[1]    119704342_10158624662285502_7529504829188220640_n[1]    119942836_10158751009978966_4901758965174025077_o[1]

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Visual-photo-poems   [da/da]

e-review  “utsanga”,IT,
(Asemic writing/experimental poetry.)