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D.Agrafiotis, “SAUVER VENISE” (en  FR & EL), L’ Harmattan,Paris, 2019.(livre imprime).(texte  plus court)



text in four languages : EL, EN, IT, SP,
colour  photos of  the sunken city of Doges. (by da/da)
Editions “clinamen”/Distribution “vakxikon”,11/2021
format A4,136 pages, price 9,99 Euros.



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a new  artist ‘s book from da/da
Editions : AU COIN DE LA RUE DE L’ ENFER, FR, 2019
poems (French, English, Greek), drawings, photos,  visual poems.13,5×19 cm, 114 pages, color printing. on Rives tradition paper, in 24 copies, numbered with the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet, and signed by the poet. In a specially designed box 24×32 cm. And with printing of Greek letters on its cover. Translation, Michèle Valley & graphic design (variation), Stelios Helmis.
An original /unique drawing , pastel on paper, A4,by da/da,is offered  with each artist’s book.


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a new book from da/da
Editions : AU COIN DE LA RUE DE L’ ENFER, FR, 2019
poems (French, English, Greek), drawings, photographs, visual poems.13,5×19 cm, 114 pages, color printing.Translation, Michèle Valley & graphic design, Stelios Helmis.

“Glim-merings” | New book by da/da

da/da ‘s new book has just been published, entitled: 
a Leporello book, of 8 pages ,
in  English ,  40 copies,
from  Estepa Editions, Paris, 2020.
Kate Van Houten,


Nouveau livre “DART x DART”

Le nouveau livre de da/da, “DART x DART”, avec des poèmes visuels,
est disponible sur


Collection “VISUAL POETRY. L’avanguardia delle neoavanguardie”

The Italian collection volume “VISUAL POETRY. L’avanguardia delle neoavanguardie” by Lara Vinca Masini and Giosuè Allegrini publishes 2 visual poems by Demosthenes Agraftiotis “No title” and “Scratch card”. The related exhibition took place in Venice and Pavia, Italy in 2014.

September 2017

Monogatari II

Published with English, Greek, and Japanese text in a single volume, Monogatari II (226 pages, b/w) features poems and photos inspired by the author’s travels in Japan.
Author: Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Publisher: “bibliotheque” editions
Themistokleous 76 & Valtetsiou
10680 Athens, Greece

Translators: Andriani PSARAKI (jp) – Vera SIDERAKI/James FAUBION (en)
Design: “Never trust a designer hired to design” & “Role play”
Read the PDF sample.