Issue sixty-five of Otoliths, the southern autumn 2022 issue

1α.«Reorientations, revisions>>
{essay on visual poetry} by da/da, text & 7  visual poems


1b.« Réorientations, révisions »
{essai sur la poésie visuelle} de da/da


2. Photographic essay: QUA(e)RRY LIGHT-six photos of da/da



poem in EL, EN,FR > written form-linear/visual poem & 4 videos
translation from Greek to English by Angelos Sakkis
translation from greek to French by Michèle Valley
video: reading of English version by Angelos Sakkis
video: reading of French version by Michèle Valley
video: reading of the Greek version by da/da
video: performative reading of  the three versions by  Michèle Valley, Angelos Sakkis & da/da
video editor: Euthimis Dimitriou
spring, 2022
Pamenar Press/online magazine
London / Toronto/ Tehran

Text-hommage: “John GIORNO”   [tireless worker of  performance poetry ]  







[tireless worker of  performance poetry ]

“chartis”, nο 22, e-review, 10/2020.


(some complementary photographies).





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Interview by da/da on “Sound Poetry” | “Metadeftero” webradio [GR]

On Sunday 17/03/2019, 21:00, da/da gave an interview
to Katerina Sotiriou , in her radio show “Terra Incognita“, on the online radio “Metadeftero“,

for the exhibition “The Liberated Voice / Sound Poetry
taking place at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, (France)
in cooperation with the Italian Foundation Fondazione Bonotto,
and will take place between  21/03/2019 – 12/05/2019

The interview and the show are in greek

Event link on Palai de Tokyo site

Information on the event by Fondazione Bonotto




“Maribor” | New book [french publication]

The new book of dA “Maribor” has been published in French

by “la rumeur libre”  publications

and translated by Michele Valey

Four Elements of Empedocles

Four Elements of Empedocles  are 4 video – poems of Demosthene Agrafiotis.



Zerelia, Euxinoupolis – Thessaly, Greece,  Summer 2017

(gr) Ποίημα “υπό περιορισμόν” | TESTE, no 29

 Sorry, this entry is available only in In French and in Greek

June 2017

Letter @ otoliths

Demosthenes Agrafiotis’s poem “Letter” has been published in Otoliths, a magazine of many e-things.

Translated from the Greek by Angelos Sakkis.

Delphi, 03/21/2001, Lisbon, 06/21-25/2001, Rome, 06/26/2001


what letter
            leads to the white
what letter
            denies the color
what letter
            poses the problem
what letter
            exercises moderation
what letter
            traverses poetry (more…)