Performative-video reading of poems [in FR and EL] belonging to my book, “Dé-connexions”, Editions Au coin de la rue de l’Enfer, Haute Provence, France, 2019.

In the framework of the action :
Poètes du Printemps/Poets of Spring
La Maison Citoyenne/Poets of Planet/ Bachibouzouk.com, Strasbourg, FR

https://bit.ly/3Pv1i5S [Poètes du Printemps / Spring Poets (15.03.2024-Strasbourg/France)]
[Vídeo:A. E. Meandrou]

Performative poetry: re-discovery or first emergence?

Text – manifesto [in Greek], in the book of proceedings, 2001-2022, Greek literature in the 21st century, Conference , Athens, 03/11/2023, IOLKOS publications, Athens, 2024. p.182-6.
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see also http://dagrafiotis.com/?p=9151&lang=en

Visual Poems/Photo-Poems

1.”delta- δ”, International Review for New Poetry, no 65, 02/2024, p.24, Japan.http://poetry-delta.weebly.com

2. “OUSTE”, n° 32, conspiracy 2024, p.66. Périgueux, FR, EXPOESIE, www.ferocemarquise.org.

Destiny and causes of things

Text-introduction [in Greek] to Sophie Basch’s book, “Souvenir of the Dardanelles”, Stereoma editions, Athens, 2024, pp. 09-18. {Souvenir of the Dardanelles. The ceramics of Çanakkale from Schliemann’s excavations in Japonisme.Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium,2020 (in French)}.

“Michel Giroud: multiplicity in its nth power”

essay-in memoriam (in Greek)[text & photos]
hartis (e-review),no 63, 01/03/2024{klimakes}

a bibliographic and artistic database

iset-  ινστιτούτο σύγχρονης ελληνικής τέχνης/contemporary greek art institute
 [platform-documented database of archives]
National Gallery.Museum Alexander Soutsos

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greet Santorini (video poem)

Poem in Greek : da/da
Translation : Angelos Sakkis
Video clip : Reha Yunluel
Music :Hans-Pascal Blanchard

Two Poems by Reha Yunluel (Turkey)

Translation from French to Greek: Dr. Fani Sofronidou
Edited by: Demosthenes Agrafiotis
Performative  reading (EL,FR): F.S & da/da