“OuLiPo. Invention with or without limits”

Text and photos-Amphiareion/Attiki.Hartis (electronic review), n°46, 10/2022 
Tribute: OuLiPo.(15/10/2022).
The poem: “Under constraint” included in the text above, was published in its French version in the book: Démosthène Agrafiotis, “Dé-connexions”, Au coin de la rue de l’enfer”, France, 2019. (translation by Michèle Valley).
see also
Demosthenes Agrafiotis,“Sanctuary-Amphiareion,I&II”,(Kalamos,Attica,05/2022),
TESTE, no 47, art & poetry review/poetic vehicle, 2022, Toulon, France. (Two photographs by da/da).

Essay on the future of Europe

Για την Ευρώπη. Τ(ρ)οπολογικές προοικονομίες

[For Europe. T(r)opological prefigurations]  (in Greek)

vakxikon (e-review)

Michèle Valley contributed to the development of the French version which was published by the review Rumeurs, no 9, (06/2021), pages: 118-28 – actualité des écritures(France)

[Pour l’Europe.Préfigurations t(r)opologiques]

Translation from French into Greek by Dr Katerina Goula.


published by  Confraria do Vento, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL 
Translation: Alipio Carvalho Neto
bilingual, 2022, 166 pages
poems and drawings(pencil) by da/da
Edition in English and Japanese:
Demosthenes Agrafiotis, “y,es”, ESTEPA Editions, Paris,2015, Drawings of Takesada Matsutani. Transaltion (EN): Angelos Sakkis & John Sakkis.Translation (JPN) : Hejime Ishida.
Demosthenes Agrafiotis , “Y,ES’ & “DIAERESIS”,Dusie,USA,2016.(Translation:Angelos Sakkis & John Sakkis). 

Edition in Greek: Dimosthenis Agrafiotis, “n,ai”, Erato, Athens, 1988 & 2015.  

Edition in French: 
Démosthène Agrafiotis, “ou,i”, Editions de l’Attente, Bordeaux, 2005.Translation: Claire Benedetti

“Art by travel vs Art of travel”

(Taxidiotiki texni vs texni tou taxidiou)
text of da/da,”to dentro”, literary review, no 236-7, Spring 2022, pp.190-3 (in Greek)

“Reorientations, revisions”

Essay on  visual  poetry (in Greek)
hartis“, digital magazine, no 42, June, 2022
https: //www.hartismag.gr/hartis-42/klimakes/anakatatakseis-anatheoriseis
(text, Chinese ink drawings, graphs, photography, visual poems)
The same material was published in English and French in the digital magazine: OTOLITHS



https://the-otolith.blogspot.com/2022/02/demosthenes-agrafiotis.html (FR)

n° 65, 02/2022

schèmes * schèmes schemes * schemes

schèmes * σχήματα schemes * σχήματα

σχήματα * schèmes σχήματα * schemes

σχήματα * σχήματα σχήματα * σχήματα

“Antikleia” – Interview

On the occasion of the release of the book:“Antikleia” “Αντίκλεια” ,
(Paris, L’Harmattan, Retina-Creation), 2022 (FR/EL)
Photographs and poems: da/da
Translation by Michèle Valley
Graphic design: Stelios Helmis
An interview of Demosthenes Agrafiotis with Pr.Dominique Chateau (Editorial Director),
nouvelle Revue d’esthétique, no 29/2022,Puf, pp.103-7. Special issue on: Arts on the margins.
see also:


With the publication of the book by D. Agrafiotis, EPITELESI/ON PERFORMANCE, Nissos Publications, Athens 2022,
an evening event took place: fluxus in the offices of  Nissos publications (04/05/2022).

In the first two videos A & B you can see a summary of the actions and in the third C a simple capture of all the events.

A (GR):https://youtu.be/RR2uv4adjxE

B (GR): https://youtu.be/WF14ehEIgMs



(Evthymis Dimitriou)


C (GR)
1st part https://youtu.be/i1Hlguoxs_4

2nd part https://youtu.be/woR1PO3IS6A

(Yiannis Stournas)

ANTIKLEIA (Video & Interview)

on the occasion of the publication of my book (Photographs and poems in FR & EL)


a video about my book:


INTERVIEW – New Review of Aesthetics/PUF (in French)-Nouvelle Revue d’Esthétique.

With Démosthène Agrafiotis, on the occasion of the release of his book Antikléia (L’Harmattan, Retina.Création, 2022)