“L.F/da.da”, Collage , Michèle Valley.(2021).




“L.F/da.da”, Collage , Michèle Valley.(2021).

“Bernard NOEL. An unfatiguable worker of Writing” (in Greek)

“Bernard NOEL. An unfatiguable  worker of Writing” (in  Greek)
(text and fotografies)

“Text on Ferlinghetti and photos, OTOLITHS / e-review”

“Text on Ferlinghetti and  photos OTOLITHS  e-review”
issue sixty-one,southern autumn   2021
Text  of da/da: “Lawrence Ferlinghetti.A Reticent World Traveler”
translation by Angelos SAKKIS.Photos of Michele VALLEY.
Photos of da/da: “4 Minor Variations”


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The book  of  Emile Dumalet !!!
[in  French and in Greek ]
Photographies of  DA/DA. .Paris  ,70′. 
Collaboration  of “clinamen”  and  Editions  “vakxikon”
Library  vakxikon
110,  Solonos street, Athens,10681,Greece
see, also

“Dialogues, interactions”, da/da, Gounaropoulos Museum. Documentation: videos

“Dialogues, interactions”, da/da, Gounaropoulos Museum. Documentation: videos 


The three events/webinaries that took place in the exhibition “Dialogues, interactions: Greek-French archive Demosthenes Agrafiotis” will be displayed on the Museum’s website until May 7, 2021, at the events link http://gounaropoulos.gr/events/dialrase .


Also, at the link      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLjXu5nI1GE     you can watch a short video tour of the exhibition , with the collaboration of the donor, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, who completes it… in poetry  & in performance!



We would like to once again warmly thank all the invited speakers Vangelis Bitsoris, George Arambatzis, Katerina Goula, Fani Sofronidou & Stéphane Nowak for their contributions, which highlighted interesting aspects of the presented archive, as well as the staff of the Museum  in the implementation of the overall project.

“Works and days of Lawrence Ferlinghetti”


“Works and days of Lawrence Ferlinghetti”

:hartis”, e-review,no 28,01/04/2021(in Greek).

“Visual Poems.Celebration of 80th anniversary of Klaus Peter DENCKER”.

“Visual  Poems.Celebration of  80th  anniversary of Klaus Peter DENCKER”.

Text-essay of da/da , in Greek: ” 1st World Day of Poetry-2001.Moments,Paramoments”.(Delphi).