9-10 February 2013 | ISBA, Besançon, France

Journée portes ouvertes @ ISBA

Open doors day at Fine Art School of Superior Institute of fine arts Besançon (ISBA) – 9-10/02/2013

Participation Grecque, Hall “ACROPOLIS”:
Démosthène Agrafiotis
Rilene Markopoulou
Apostolos Plachouris

DA’s contribution, “CRIES, crise”, Photos of Athènes (2009-13)

The pictures in “ACROPOLIS” Hall:

9 - 30 May 2013 | Beton7, Athens

Performative in-stallations


«Performative in-stallations»

Performances and exhibition.

Performances ending in art-works/installations.
Opening May 9th, 2013 at 19:00
Dates for performances:
9,10,11 | 05 | 2013 at 19.00 & 20.00
14 | 05 | 2013 at 19:00
Artist talks: Saturday, the 25th May, at 14.00

To Center of Art & Culture Beton7, showing 9 – 30 May 2013 performances leading to artworks – installations of Demosthenes Agrafiotis. The performances of a participating nature, as they require the active contribution of ‘spectators’. The final result constitutes an exhibition of visual arts/installations.

Artists that will assist in this process: Andreas Pashias, Theodoris Papatheodorou and Apostolos Plachouris.

The performance as energy exchange between the artist’s body and the bodies of participants may lead to the formation of artifacts, objects, pictures, sounds. According to this version of the performance, the resulting total product could they claim the status of ‘artwork’, ‘aesthetic object’ or ‘installation’ ? With another expression, the performance could have a dual role: (i) be an autonomous artistic process, (ii) act as a mechanism producing artifacts/ works of Art.
The dual process highlights the performance aspects associated with the binomials: material / immaterial, individual / collective, physical / mental, without however placing them strongly (not even to define in detail) as contrasts.
The performance as a way coupling of gestures of the participants on the occasion and thanks to the materials is ultimately a field where human bonds are negotiated. But what is the material which remains of this collective operation? A brief and fleeting exchange between the artist and other participants? Traces of an experiment on what can be a participative approach? Proof, that despite all the difficulties and limitations associated with the methods of performance itself, the final result in cultivates ambitions of artistic achievement? Rests of a purification in the effort to remove barriers so that situations, things and people could be transformed? Indication, for fundamental contradiction between the performance itself as ephemeral act and its documentation, done as a request to its completion? Finally, evidence of the celebration-a tribute to the human imagination and the human ability to refer to the destiny of cultural norms and their “arbitrary” nature?

Demosthenes Agrafiotis
Poet, performer / Intermedia artist

1. Zen Garden, alphabets. (Cereals, pasta, letters, pictures).
2.Amoivaiotita-RECIPROCITY? (Objects, projection, video).
3.Perigrammata-contours. (Paper, pencils, markers).
4.Empedocles-4 elements. (Earth, water, fire, air).
5.Hommage to Fluxus. (Inter-Media, newspapers, ink).
6.ON Lyotard. (Video, pictures, sounds, drawings of Indian ink)
7.Crisiologi_a. (Video, animation, sound).

Download the invitation (pdf in greek).

The event on facebook.

For more information:
BETON7 | Pydna 7 Botanical – Athens 11855 | (metro stop KERAMIKOS)
til.2107512625 | www.beton7.

ON Lyotard



Juillet 2013

Première biennale de poésie visuelle d’Ille sur Têt à la Galerie (13) TREIZE

Hommage à Camillo CAPOLONGO
Lecture des textes de Camillo Capolongo
Hélène & Giorgio Bedani
Vendredi 5 juillet 2013 18h30
Galerie (13) TREIZE
En présence de son frère Domenico

Liste des participants :
AGRAFIOTIS Démosthène Grèce, Aguiar Fernando Portugal, Alle Christian France, Beaulieu Kurt Canada, Bennet John M USA, Blaine Julien France, CAPOLONGO Camillo Italia, Chiarlome Bruno Italia, Clouvel Solange France, Cohen Ryosuke Japon, Dalachinsky USA, Daligand Daniel France, Della Vedona Michel France, Dépanne machine France, Devande France, E – AMBASSADE D’UTOPIA France, Fierens Luc Belgique, Fremiot Joël France, Gillot Laurence France, GROH Klaus Germany, Guetat-Liviani Frédérique France, Helisen Alain France, Janke Eberhard Germany, Jeanjean Anne-Marie France, Jolivet André France, Le peintre NATO France, Lebel Jean-Jacques France, Lejard Ghislaine France, Lucas constança Brasil, LUIGETTI Serse Italia, Manyach Didier France, Massé Claude France, Miche-Art-Universalis Belgique, Miguel Jimenez El Taller de Zenon Espagne, Menguzzato Lorenzo Lomé Italia, MINARELLI Enzo Italia, Montalvetti Samuel Argentina, Morandi Emilio Italia, Myanard Yvan France, Nieslony Boris Germany, Niss Andrew Maximilian Germany, OLBRICH Jürgen O Germany, Olry Gilles France, Padin Clemente Uruguay, Papp Tibor France, Penard Rémy France PENNEQUIN Charles France, Pilcher Barrry Edgar Ireland, Pons Vincent France, Pontes Hugo Brasil, QUEIROZ Fatima Brasil, Robèr André France, Rotbard Sophy Larénion, RUIZ-RUIZ Manuel Espagne, Sarenco Italia, SIDAC Piet Franzen The Netherlands, Sourdin Bruno France, StraDA DA Giovani and Renata Italia, Tanabe Shin Japon, VAILHE Marie France.

L’ensemble des œuvres reçues sont sur :

11-23 July 2012 | Kassel

Instant People


During DOCUMENTA 13, Redfoxpress presented their fine press editions as well as Fluxus and concrete poetry related works.
They also organised the exhibition “INSTANT PEOPLE” with 250 polaroid self-portraits by 175 artists from 22 countries.

11 – 23 July 2012
19 – 24 hrs
Werner-Hilpert-Strasse 23
D-34117 Kassel

dA’s contribution here.

7-10 June 2012 | Kunsthalle, Mulhouse


dA was in Mulhouse for the Lex-ICON festival between 7-10 June 2012 presenting:

“Presence, Absence”

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 13: Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Hommage à Haroldo de Campos,

From the series : “Heavenlies, earthlies”.

Computer design, printing on plastic material, various dimensions, 2004.

Heavenlies and earthlies” was dedicated to the exploration of the differences and complementarities between the visuality and meaning generation functions of the writing systems. The stars replace the letters in a Greek alphabetical order. (Solo exhibition, Diana Gallery, Athens, 2004).”– Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Multi-Performance: “Crisis. Arte e Poesia” @ Locus Metropole 3 7/6/12


Jean-Pierre Bobillot (France), Alessandro de Francesco and Caroline Zekri (Italie), Gisela Hochuli (Suisse)
Anne Kawala (France), Chris Pusateri (USA), Michelle Naka Pierce (USA) and Valentine Verhaeghe (France).

Participation at the performance of Jean-Pierre Bobillot

Jean-Pierre Bobillot on Lex-ICON.

Lex-ICON Lectures-Balades 10/6/12

With readings by the following authors: George Vance, Susana Gardner, Anne Kawala, Chris Pusateri, Michelle Naka Pierce, Pansy Maurer Alvarez, Lars Palm, Dylan Harris, Jacob Bromberg, Tony Jolley, Andrew Shields, Barbara Beck, Sarah Larivière, Déborah Heissler, Jennifer K Dick, Démosthène Agrafiotis, Nina Karacosta, Maria Damon, Anne Talvaz, Kate Van Houten.

Pictures of Mulhouse

dA’s participation presented in Lex-ICON‘s website.

5-12 October 2012 | Paris

Un Monde L’autre

Chinese and European artists
Exhibition of contemporary artists presented and organized by FranceFineArt
35 artists and more than a hundred works (link)

Grands Salons d’Exposition de la mairie du 13e
from 5 to 12 October 2012